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    The Bahnhofstraße, leading from the Central Station into the heart of the city is a "pedestrians only" shopping street on two levels: one can also walk along the "Passerelle" in the basement. At the end of the Bahnhofstraße you reach "Kröpcke", the most central square in Hannover. It was named after a waiter who worked in (and later owned) the Café, which is now "Mövenpick". Here, next to the "Kröpcke Uhr", the big green clock, is the place where Hannoverians meet. At Kröpcke the Bahnhofstraße meets the Georgstraße, a boulevard named after one of the Hanovrian Kings of England. The Georgstraße opposite the opera house has exclusive shops only on one side and a lot of room for promenades. When you turn left at the Steintor (with the impressive "Anzeiger Hochhaus" built in 1927) you will reach the old town loaded with a lot of interesting small shops, pubs and restaurants. Next to the "Marktkirche" there is the old town hall, both built in red bricks, a characterstic style of Northern Germany. Near the town hall is the market hall, built in the modest style of the fifties but well worth a visit. It offers an enomous variety of international delicacies.


    Walk through the old town past the Leineschloß and Leibnizhaus, where you come to the banks of the River Leine. It's there you find one of the biggest and oldest flea markets in Europe open every Saturday.

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